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A global community of the foremost OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, aluminium producers and software and equipment suppliers has already begun to be built around Hot Form Quench (HFQ® Technology), accelerating the usage of this innovative technique and sharing best practices. Furthermore, this community – the HFQ® Partner Network – is pioneering a new worldwide standard that is constantly evolving thanks to the input and experiences from the world’s leading automotive companies and engineers.

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The HFQ® Technology process
Overview of HFQ® Process
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Operate for HFQ

Enables those who wish to produce pressings from HFQ Technology

Operate for HFQ

Convert existing facilities to HFQ operation, install new HFQ production facilities, set up and run HFQ production jobs, and membership of the approved HFQ supplier network
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Design for HFQ

Produce validated designs taking advantage of HFQ attributes:

Design for HFQ

Convert existing designs to hfq, guidance to design hfq components from the outset, utilisation of multi-thickness panels, and how to design and manufacture the necessary tooling
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Supply for HFQ

Access to requirements & specifications to enable those interested in:

Supply for HFQ

Developing machinery to produce hfq panels, developing instruments to monitor hfq production, right to brand equipment with the hfq logo, & introduction to the approved the hfq supplier network
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HFQ Partner Network

Joining the ecosystem. Become part of the wider HFQ user group community

HFQ Partner Network

HFQ Partner Network. Contact us or more details.
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hfg benefits seven
  • High strength 6xxx or 7xxx
  • Optimised crash performance
  • Significant part integration
  • Assembly cost and weight reduction
  • Deletion of internal A-Pillar extrusion
  • Minimal spring back
  • Improved occupant vision
  • Reduced tool investment
  • No secondary forming operations
  • High levels of formability and design freedom
  • Deep draw capability
  • Part integration
  • Improved dimensional control
  • Ultra-high strength 7xxx
  • Lightweight
  • Improved package performance versus extruded designs
  • Part integration
  • Improved dimensional control
  • Reduced assembly and sealing operations/cost
  • Reduced tooling investment
  • Part integration
  • Design freedom
  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced part price versus extruded designs
  • Minimised joining benefiting sealing/integrity
  • Integrated cooling channels
  • Extreme formability enables single part design
  • Wrinkle free hem flange
  • Use of higher strength 6xxx grades
  • Part integration
  • Reduced press tool and assembly investment
  • Reduced part price
  • Extreme formability enables single part design
  • Wrinkle free hem flange
  • Use of higher strength 6xxx grades
  • Tight radii for reduced obscuration
  • Reduced springback and improved dimensional control
hfq sectors four

Our expert experts and trainers will be with you every step

Jonathan Watkins
Jonathan has 25 years of experience in commercialising TECHNOLOGY in the international automotive, industrial and cleantech sectors, having held senior commercial and operational leadership positions in Federal-Mogul, Textron, and most recently, Ceres Power. He is a Chartered Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science; TECHNOLOGY from the University of Birmingham and a masters in Design, Manufacturing; Management from the University of Cambridge.

Chief Executive Officer
Rex Vevers
Experienced Group Finance Director, leading public and private companies in sectors including TECHNOLOGY, IT, FMCG and Financial Services. Qualified Corporate Treasurer with proven ability to raise equity/debt funding and successfully completing M&A and corporate venturing deals. Rex had set up and sold a software development company and been a Non-Executive Director of a VC-backed software company.

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Commercial Officer
Christine Parker
Christine has spent over 15 years in Senior management positions within the automotive industry. She has experience in many functions including quality, programme management, account management and sales in Ford Motor Company, Visteon and ZF TRW. Christine is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College and an MBA from Middlesex University.

Director of Global Standards & Quality
Dr. Alistair Foster
Alistair is a co-inventor of the HFQ® TECHNOLOGY and joined ITL in 2013. Alistair developed our HFQ® production TECHNOLOGY process from lab-based TECHNOLOGY. He has previously worked in automotive, defence and nuclear power industries. Alistair holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham

Director of Innovation
John Sellors
John has over 25 years’ experience in the automotive materials and process sector, and previously led the Metallic Materials and Manufacturing Group at Lotus Engineering. John has built a strong, global reputation for his expertise on materials and process specification, design for manufacture, vehicle light-weighting and applied R&D. John has been instrumental in the delivery of projects from niche Supercars for AML to steel bodied vehicles for China. He has a degree in metallurgy from Brunel University and is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Director, Applications Engineering
Bruce Girvan
Bruce has over 30 yrs experience in developing and commercialising TECHNOLOGY in the international energy, low carbon and materials sectors. Bruce has honed his skills in commercialisation in Schlumberger, BP (Atlantic Richfield), Avon Rubber and Ceres Power. Bruce has an MBA from Imperial College London, a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Brunel University and is a Chartered Engineer of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Director IP & Licensing
Dr. Damian Szegda
Damian has a background in stress analysis and characterisation of complex materials. Prior to joining ITL he worked within defence. Damian has been lead analyst for £10m+ defence projects. Damian holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Silesian University of TECHNOLOGY and a PhD from Brunel University.

Director of Technologies
Angie Mills-Cooper
Angie has 20 years in business administration including running her own successful business. She has experience of working in local government, Single Status with over ten years’ experience in HR.

Manager of Talent, Development, and Well-Being

Our expert experts and trainers will be with you every step

Dr. Mohamed Mohamed
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Extensive experience in sheet metal forming and material modelling including roles at Imperial College and the Advanced Forming Research Centre Specialist in failure mechanics, computational plasticity, and microstructure evolution modelling

Principal Technical Specialist Simulation and Modelling
Dr. Richard Hunt
Masters and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Over 12 years in applied aluminium R&D in UK, Europe, and USA. Developed and industrialised innovative new alloy products in collaboration with customers, universities, and third parties in many industrial sectors including automotive and aerospace. Specialist in aluminium metallurgy, microstructure, and characterisation.

Head of Metallurgy and Materials Characterisation
Arash Selahi
Arash has more than 20 years of experience in Manufacturing and Engineering, specialising in forgings, GRP, and precision casting. He has experience working in many different sectors such as off-highway and the energy market. He has also worked with Aerospace and mining companies as a supplier. He has led many cross-functional teams and completed multiple process improvement/optimisation projects.
Dr. Federico Melotti
Ph.D. in Metallurgy. Experience included developing a new aluminium alloy for Rolls-Royce. Technical project leader for a major Innovate UK grant programme for advancing HFQ® TECHNOLOGY. Specialist for aluminium metallurgy for HFQ in aerospace and new TECHNOLOGY for process monitoring and control.

Senior Technical Specialist Process TECHNOLOGY
Dr. Yogendra Joshi
Ph.D. in Numerical Modelling of Automotive Forming Processes and Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering Over 10 years' experience in manufacturing spanning across automotive, materials handling, and defence sectors both in the UK and abroad Has experience in materials characterisation, tribology, and finite element modelling

Advanced Tooling Engineer
Adrian Tautscher
Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Over 20 years’ experience including Jaguar Land Rover as Group Leader Materials Engineering BIW/Corrosion; led materials introduction for lightweight aluminium body architectures. Progressed to Group Leader - Sustainable Aluminium Strategies; delivered aluminium recycling for JLR. Al alloy development, recycling the circular economy and joining (riveting and bonding)

Principal Technical Specialist Sustainability & Circular Economy Lead
The tech Team

Our expert experts and trainers will be with you every step

Tim McGuire
Operation Manager
Robert Stoff-Riegel
Project Manager
Phill Parry
Financial Manager