Impression Technologies

Impression Technologies has industrialised the breakthrough HFQ® Technology.


Championing continuous innovation through our advanced light-weighting technologies

We enable lighter, stronger, aluminium solutions that helps to shape our world.

Impression Technologies has been key to the development of HFQ Technology, which is revolutionising the exploitation of aluminium. We provide the knowledge and expertise to support HFQ technology, empowering you to transform your project. Impression Technologies offer a fully tailored service according to your engineering needs from concept to production.

Our facility, located in Coventry, UK, is fully equipped to carry out in-house prototyping and production runs to support our HFQ customers and partners.

Our Services

We follow a tried and tested method to ensure we maximise the benefits HFQ® Technology has to offer.

We conduct design feasibility studies and will be on hand to assist you in maximising cost- effective lightweighting opportunities.

During the Development process, Impression Technologies is able to design tools based on part geometry and run forming simulations for the HFQ® process. These simulations feed back to the design to optimise the geometry of the part for manufacture

Our UK based facility, includes a fully equipped HFQ® production cell, for in-house prototyping and production runs to support customer programmes.

We produce parts either as a niche volume supplier, or for initial runs leading to medium/high volume production, which we transfer to our global network of tier 1 HFQ® partners

Impression Technologies transfer HFQ® technology to tier 1 suppliers on a global basis, to offer choice and consistency of quality supply, wherever HFQ® parts are purchased from.


Impression Technologies was formed in January 2013 to act as the exclusive commercialisation route for HFQ Technology in all global markets, building on the excellence of Imperial College London’s Engineering Faculty and the University of Birmingham (UK).


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Its HFQ® technology has already been adopted by a number of high-end manufacturers in the automotive industry.

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