Partner Network

The HFQ® Partner Network Vision



Operate for HFQ

Enables those who wish to produce pressings from HFQ technology to:

  • Convert existing facilities to HFQ operation
  • Install new HFQ production facilities
  • Set up and run HFQ production jobs
  • Membership of the approved HFQ supplier network



Design for HFQ

Produce validated designs taking advantage of  HFQ attributes:

  • Convert existing designs to HFQ
  • Guidance to design HFQ components from the outset
  • Utilisation of multi-thickness panels
  • How to design and manufacture the necessary tooling

Supply for HFQ

Access to requirements & specifications to enable those interested in:

  • Developing machinery to produce HFQ panels
  • Developing instruments to monitor HFQ production
  • Right to brand equipment with the HFQ logo
  • Introduction to the approved the HFQ supplier network

HFQ Partner Network

Joining the ecosystem:

  • Become part of the wider HFQ user group community: HFQ Partner Network. Contact us or more details.



Collaboration between HFQ Licensees is positively encouraged not only in technology development but also in the spirit of cooperative working.

The standards and assurance elements that support the HFQ Technology System enables smaller organisations to pool resources and equipment to better compete on the global stage by increasing usage ratios as they will be operating the same parameters where ever they are situated.



Lightweighting automobiles and vehicles is one of the best ways for reducing carbon emissions. When it comes to Steel vs Aluminium – Hot Form Quench aluminium Forming is winning the race.


Join the HFQ Partner Network

Benefits of being part of the ecosystem

  • The HFQ Partner Network creates market awareness and pull for products & services
  • Influence standard setting & HFQ Technology pathway
  • Preferred position to exploit market opportunity
  • Resource & cost efficiency through combining complementary strength
  • Global reach with consistent messaging & branding
  • Close collaboration and knowledge exchange
  • Exploit own commercial differentiation