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HFQ Technology can be used on a wide range of projects and we have featured some here.


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RACEForm – (Rapid Aluminium Cost Effective Forming)

The RACEForm 30-month project started in November 2017 and is focused on validating HFQ Technology for the mass production of complex, deep drawn, high strength aluminium structures for body-in-white and chassis applications. It is also helping to establish the technology as the global standard for aluminium lightweighting worldwide.

HFQ Technology, for which Impression Technologies holds the exclusive global rights, offers OEMs significant savings in weight, cost and system complexity through its ability to produce deep drawn high strength aluminium alloys with low cycle times and no spring back.

Impression Technologies, a leading developer of advanced lightweighting technology, is pleased to have secured the award of funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK Ltd (‘APC’) to further develop and validate Impression Technologies’ HFQ Technology for use in the global automotive industry. The total project value is £9.5 million, with £4.8 million in funding through the APC, awarded as part of its seventh round of funding.

Impression Technologies is leading the RACEForm Project with a world class consortium including: Gestamp Washington UK Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Gestamp Automoción), Innoval Technology Limited, Imperial College London and Brunel University London.


HFQ is the lightweighting technology standard for cost-effective, complex geometries for high-strength aluminium pressings by reducing weight for simpler, stronger structures. By championing innovation through project collaboration with other companies, we enable lighter, stronger, aluminium solutions that contribute toward a more sustainable world.

New applications

New applications for HFQ are constantly being discovered, so we’d love to hear from you if your application can take advantage of the unique range of benefits HFQ enables.

Hot Form Quench is also ideal for aerospace lightweighting providing super-strength lightweight aluminium and flexibility of use. An ideal lightweighting solution for aircraft and the aerospace industry.