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Investigation of deformation and failure features in hot stamping

Hybrid forming processes for production of lightweight high strength automotive panel parts

Formability for Hot Stamping of Al-Alloy Panel Parts

Experimental investigation of boron steel at hot stamping conditions

Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Formability of Materials in Hot Stamping

Damage investigation of boron steel at hot stamping conditions

Application of a continuum damage mechanics (CDM)-based model for predicting formability of warm formed aluminium alloy

An Investigation of Hot Forming Quench Process for AA6082 Aluminium Alloys

An Investigation of Damage Theories in Predicting Phenomena in Stamping Process

An Investigation of Blank Holding Force in Isothermal Stamping of Aluminium Alloys

An investigation of a new 2D CDM model in predicting failure

An Industrial application of the continuum damage mechanics

Advances in FEM Simulation of HFQ® AA6082 tailor welded blanks for automotive applications

A new test design for assessing formability of materials in hot stamping

A new design of friction test rig and determination of friction coefficient when warm forming an aluminium alloy

The Development of Stress Based Continuum Damage Mechanics Model for Predicting the Formability of Magnesium Alloys under Cold/Warm Stamping Processes

Strain-based continuum damage mechanics model for predicting FLC of AA5754 under warm forming conditions

The development of continuum damage mechanics-based theories for predicting forming limit diagrams for hot stamping applications

Simulation of Warm Forming of Alumnkum 5754 for Automotive panels

On thermal compensation of Hot-Form-Quench stamping die

Prediction of Forming Limit Diagram for AA5754 using Artificial Neural Network Modelling

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Hot Form Quench Enables Complex

Metal Matters

Paper with ESI (France) and Imperial College London

Recent Developments in Feasibility Simulation of HFQ Process

Aerospace Maunfacturing